Recycling & Safe Disposal of Foam in Macon County, IL

Polystyrene foam items with the #6 chasing arrows recycling symbol are recyclable but are not accepted locally in single-stream curbside or drop-off recycling.

During the month of April, select household-generated foam items with the #6 chasing arrows symbol (commonly referred to as Styrofoam) may be dropped off for recycling inside the white collection bin outside of the Macon County Environmental Management Recycling Center at 1750 N. 21st. St., Decatur.

The collection box, which is accessible at any time during the month of April, allows for the collection of foam, including clean foam cups, clean foam egg cartons, clean foam meat trays, clean foam ice chests, and clean foam packaging which is frequently used to protect fragile materials like TVs during shipping.

Please adhere to the following to participate in this pilot project:

  • Break larger pieces into sections that will fit in the 8 inch by 26 inch opening of the collection bin.  (Please break-up foam at home to prevent foam balls from being littered at the collection site).
  • Make sure foam has the #6 chasing arrows symbol on it.
  • Rinse or wipe containers free from food or any other residues.
  • Remove straws, lids, tape or any other non-foam material.
  • Do not include foam-packaging peanuts because these are typically made of mixed materials and are not recyclable as part of this program.

This pilot program is being offered by Macon County Environmental Management in cooperation with the Macon County Community Environmental Council.  Following the April pilot, an announcement will be made regarding this program.

The same items that are accepted in the April pilot program may also be placed in a clear or translucent bag and dropped off at:

1505 E. Main Street
Urbana, IL 61802

Additionally, the EPS Industry Alliance offers a mail-back recycling program. EPS may be shipped to the address below. Visit the EPS Industry Alliance website for restrictions and more information.

Foam Fabricators, Inc.
100 Formad Industrial Road
Ft. Madison, IA 52627