Proposed New Recycling Center & Landscape Recycling Facility

Macon County is proposing to construct a recycling center/office building and develop a new compost facility northwest of U.S. Highway 36 and Wyckles Road at 1129 N. Wyckles Road.

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation has already made a generous donation of 107 acres for this purpose.

Recycling Center

Rendering of Proposed Recycling Center

The proposed recycling center will increase customer service by allowing recycling/safe disposal services during year-round, regular, predictable hours.

Residents will be able to drop-off items that are typically hard to manage, such as paints & electronics, all in one-stop.


Drive-through, covered unloading zone for year-round use regardless of most weather conditions.


The convenience of single-stream recycling increased participation more than 20 fold.  Likewise, the convenience of the recycling center, is expected to dramatically increase participation.

Last year, 238,072 pounds of electronics & 4,350 gallons of paint were received during event-based collections.  How much more could be collected with the convenience of a recycling center?

After the initial phase, the recycling center intends to apply for permits to collect household hazardous wastes such as pesticides, harsh cleaners & fuels.

Household Chemicals

Landscape Recycling Facility

The proposed compost facility on the western section of the parcel will be a show-case site for environmental stewardship to:

Provide an environmentally-sound solution for managing landscape wastes, such as clippings, leaves and brush, for residential and commercial customers.

bags and crew

Produce high-quality compost & mulches and pro-actively marketing these products for home & community gardens, agricultural applications and land improvements

spreader and wheelbarrow
Aerial View Drawing

The site has adequate space for landscape disaster debris following an ice storm, high winds or a tornado.

snow trees

This site is well-suited for compatible uses such as a pollinator plot, community gardens and a solar farm.

solar farm
FFA Test Plot


For the project to progress, the property must be re-zoned from A-1 Agricultural Zoning to M-1 Light Industrial Zoning.

A resolution must be approved by the Macon County Board for the re-zoning of property. For this property, a resolution will be considered for approval during two meetings:

  • The Environmental, Education Health & Welfare (EEHW) Committee at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 27, 2018 in the Macon County Board Room on the 5th floor of the Macon County Office Building at 141 S. Main St., Decatur.
  • The Macon County Board meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 11, 2018 in the Macon County Board Room on the 5th floor of the Macon County Office Building at 141 S. Main St., Decatur.
site wide shot

The property is addressed as 1129 N. Wykles Road, Decatur and is in the Harristown Township.

Recycling Center Rendering

Rendering of view of Recycling Center from Wyckles Road.

Funding for the Recycling Center & Landscape Waste Recycling Facility

The proposed funding for the project is with a 20-year bond, which would be paid-off through an existing tax levy.  The funding would cover the costs for site development, building construction, and select equipment purchases.


The tax levy for a $75,000 home decreased $18.14/year with the final payment of the bond for the County Courthouse Complex & County Office Building.  For this project, the levy for the same home is expected to increase $6.17/year for an overall reduction of $11.97/year.

Land & Associated Costs $0
Recycling Center/Office Building $2,000,000
Recycling Area Site Work $1,300,000
Haz Mat Storage $100,000
Equipment Storage Building $200,000
Compost Facility Development $2,400,000
Compost Equipment $1,400,000
Signage $100,000
Total $7,500,000